Starting in 2006 with only one crane, current owner Rich Nichols purchased Bob's Crane Service with the goal of growing the business into the premier crane and tree removal service company in the area.

Throughout the years, the company has grown to include nine cranes ranging in size from 30 tons to 55 tons, and 11 employees, nine of which are our NCCCO-certified crane operators.

Our team's combined experience in construction, rigging, tree removal and crane operation allows us to provide a more comprehensive listing of high-quality services. From tree removal to oversized material handling to animal rescue, the team at Bob's Crane Service is always up for the challenge.

Meet the Team

Rich Nichols

Rich bought Bob's Crane Service in 2006 with one crane and has grown the company into what it is today! Rich is a certified crane operator and divides his time between running a crane, fixing cranes and overseeing the operations for Bob's Crane Service and Bauman Crane Company LLC.


From her initial start with the company as a billing clerk in 2011, she now oversees the daily operations of Bob's Crane Service, which include scheduling of jobs, dispatch, handling of emergency work, dealing with a bunch of prima donna crane operators, and all administrative duties.


Ben has been a certified crane operator, as well as a certified Rigger and Signalperson with us since 2011. Ben's construction background makes him especially suited for figuring out complicated crane and rigging set ups. Ben has an amazing memory for the load charts! As well as being a crane operator, Ben helps with job scheduling and dispatching. If you need a lift plan, Ben is your man!


With us since 2012, Tim has over 20 years of certified crane experience! From hanging off the side of a mountain in Colorado to floating in a piece of steel as smooth as silk, Tim has the most diversified resume for crane work. Tim is also a certified Rigger and Signalperson.


Starting in 2014, Brandon has been in the tree industry for over 25 years. He started as a tree climber and has a special talent in assisting with complicated tree removals. Brandon is a certified Crane Operator and certified Rigger and Signalperson. His greatest talent is making the job fun with his southern sense of humor.


Jaime started with Bob's Crane Service in 2016 as a full-time climber. Jaime has over ten years' experience in the tree industry. In addition to being an amazing tree climber, Jaime is now a certified crane operator and one of our regular operators that looks at work to determine correct crane size. Jaime might also speak the best Spanish of our crew!


Our in-house mechanic since 2017, Seann handles fleet maintenance and light fabrication for the trucks and cranes. Seann has recently become a certified Rigger and Signalperson, and is also the man who helps everyone when they need it!


Matt has been a tree climber for many years in the industry, but came to Bob's Crane Service in 2017 as a climber with some crane experience. He is now a certified crane operator as well as an in-house climber. Matt is another operator that looks at work to determine correct crane size. Matt has a very large fan base!


Mike came to Bob's Crane Service in 2018 with climbing and crane experience and an arborist certification, quickly becoming a certified crane operator. Mike has years of experience looking at tree jobs and is one of our regular guys who goes out to look at work to determine the correct crane.


Starting with the company as a tree climber and future operator, Bruce came to Bob's Crane Service in 2018 with many years of tree experience. Hard to miss with his 6'4” frame climbing in the tree, Bruce learned crane operations very quickly and is now a certified crane operator and is very fun to work with!


Starting in 2019, Mark is a certified crane operator and class clown. Mark has worked in the construction industry for several years and is becoming a fabulous crane operator.