Bob’s Crane Service specializes in small, mid-sized, and oversized lifting and moving projects throughout PA, NJ, DE and MD. Our professionals work with residential and commercial contractors, HVAC companies and other industry professionals to safely and effectively provide the crane services they need.

Our Services

Industrial Projects

We are happy to assist our customers in lifting HVAC units and generators, chillers, containers, roofing materials, or plumbing equipment for industrial projects.

HVAC Storage, Delivery, & Disposal

Want the peace of mind that your unit will be on site at the same time as the crane? We can receive shipment of your units, provide storage, delivery, then removal and disposal of old equipment.

Heavy Lifting and Moving

Our experience in lifting items ranges from lifting a couch onto a penthouse floor through a very large French door, to retrieving and lifting a jeep out of the frozen river! 

Residential &

We have extensive experience with residential and commercial construction. Lifting trusses, steel beams, and more is done with ease and safety for our customers.

Manbasket Work

Rental of our manbasket is a daily rate. Our two-man basket has worked on cell tower work, small demo projects, painting projects and window installation projects at hard-to-reach locations.

24-Hour emergency service

Nights, weekends, early mornings – Call 484-201-9160 or 610-476-0481 for 24-hour emergency services. 

Our team regularly works with professionals throughout many different residential and commercial industries, including:

  • HVAC/Mechanical
  • Roofing – Trusses
  • Hot Tubs/Swim Spas
  • Steel Work/Construction
  • Utilities/Generators
  • Railroads

Looking for an estimate?

Contact Bob’s Crane Service today to discuss your next project, and we can provide you with a service quote.

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